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Well done for taking the first step and saying yes to wanting a “sustainable business” 💜

I want to help you start your journey in the most productive way – with the amazing benefit of saving time, serving more clients, getting super focused and achieving MORE in LESS time – all to grow your sustainable business.

These free resources are yours to read, listen or watch as many times as you like. 

I hope you enjoy using these free resources so you can create more Flow, Ease and Joy in your life!

Mahnaz x

Build with Boundaries Podcast

Bite-size episodes on different aspects of growing an aligned business. Take time to work ON your business. Listen on the go!

Xcel Pod - video resources

Xcel Pod is a collection of free resources – mostly videos to help you in your business journey. It’s off social media so you don’t get lost in the scroll!

sustainable business quiz

Fancy a quiz?

Is your business helping you live in harmony – with Flow, Ease and Joy?

It’s time to find out..!


My blogs are focused on productivity and business strategy – my mission is to help more women in business work less and achieve more in their biz.