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Well done for taking the first step and saying yes to building your business with boundaries.

I want to help you move forward in your journey in the most efficient way – with the amazing benefit of saving your precious time and energy. Finding ways that work for you. It’s time to get super focused without neglecting loved ones or yourself!

These free resources are yours to download, read, listen or watch as many times as you like – for more harmony and joy in your life!

Mahnaz x

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In this 3 part video series, discover the connection between Values and Boundaries.

Boundary Clock

Stop letting your Boundary Clock rob you of your dreams!

Ready to uncover your hidden boundary clock?

Weekly Action Plan

Discover the 5 essential steps to crush overwhelm TODAY!

Oct23 masterclass

Save yourself 5 hours a week with my H.A.R.M.O.N.Y. Blueprint

…So you can STOP working evenings and weekends when you should be fully present with your family!

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Bite-size episodes on different aspects of building a business while juggling business and family responsibilities.

Build with Boundaries Podcast, listen on the go.