For Mums whose

business dreams are

buried under family needs

Carve out time so you can work in ways that work for you, your life, your family and your business

Discover which of your boundaries need work!

Banish “Mum Guilt” and give life to the

IDENTITY you secretly dream of!

How many times have you felt like this?

Everything in your life has more priority than the business YOU want to BUILD…

build with boundaries - small business mentoring

…it feels like you MUST choose between being a good Mum and a successful business owner

  • Family has always come FIRST and it always will
  • You love being a Mum but deep down you know you’re meant for MORE
  • Yet you feel guilty for wanting more for yourself
  • Not sure how to live a fulfilled life that you DARE to dream about
  • How much support can you call in from family until you see a return?
build with boundaries - business support for mums

If only there was a way to…

  • Create more time to do what you want instead of being on call 24/7 secretly wishing for MORE
  • Run a business without GUILT, FEAR or DOUBT stopping you
  • Know exactly how to connect your “day to day” with your big vision and goals
  • Work in harmony with your busy life to allow for progress without Mum guilt
  • Create the impact your heart desires AND still be a good Mum

Stop doubting yourself and give it a go!

Make it happen without sacrificing the most important things in your life:

your time, your family, your values.

Hi, I’m Mahnaz…

Build with Boundaries is dedicated to empowering business Mums to Boost Efficiency, BanishMum Guilt‘, and Thrive in Business and Life!

Despite your love and dedication to your family, you know that there is more you can give to the world. As a stay-at-home Mum you have struggled with giving yourself permission to take your business dreams seriously. You want to work, but your priority is your family and your business dreams remain buried under family needs. This doesn’t make it easier as your dreams compete with your desire to be there for your loved ones.

I know what this feel like as I’ve been there… not prioritising myself and not being the best version of myself for my family. I had to take control of my life, step out of my comfort zone, and build a business that aligns with the values I’m so passionate about.

Read my story here

I’m determined to help you prove to yourself that you can have it all – a loving family and a successful business.

With my H.A.R.M.O.N.Y. Blueprint. you can give yourself permission to prioritise and to be productive so your passion-business can actually be a success!

Learn who you are, what drives you and your greatest gifts!

Work with your strengths so you can create boundaries, master your time, work efficiently – without the frustrating Mum Guilt

…know you can have it all:

  • be a present Mum AND a successful business owner
  • grow a business in the time you have to work
  • start building your legacy and creating an impact
  • live in-line with your soul-desire for more harmony and joy

Are you ready?

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