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Achieve Your Ambitions While Nurturing Your Family and Personal Life

Start Your Journey to Harmony

Release yourself from the

Cycle of Stress and Frustration

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What does it mean to Build with Boundaries?

Do you have an inner battle between Ambition and Life?

build with boundaries - small business mentoring

…it feels like you MUST choose between focusing on your future aspirations and being present in your life

  • You love your family but deep down you know you’re meant for MORE
  • Not sure if it’s possible to have the fulfilled life you DARE to dream about
  • Yet you feel guilty for wanting more
  • How can you prioritise this when you already feel you have had to make sacrifices to get here
build with boundaries - business support for mums

If only there was a way to…

  • Create more time for what you want instead of secretly wishing for MORE
  • Achieve the next level of growth without playing mediocre
  • Work in harmony with your busy life to allow for progress without frustration
  • Create the impact your heart desires AND still be there for loved ones

What you need is to understand yourself through you Values and Human Design

So you can set Effective Boundaries to allow you to be Most Efficient

All this without sacrificing the most important things in your life:

your time, your family, your values, your aspirations.

Hi, I’m Mahnaz…

Build with Boundaries is dedicated to empowering High Achieving Women to Boost Efficiency so they can have the incredible success they secretly desire.

Despite your love and dedication to your family, you know that there is more you can give to the world. As a successful professional, you have struggled with giving yourself permission to grow to your next level. You want even more success, but ironically deep down you already feel like a failure at home and do not want to sacrifice more. Your aspirations compete with your desire to be there for your loved ones.

I know what this feels like as I’ve been there… not prioritising my career aspirations and not being the best version of myself for my family. I had to take control of my life, step out of my comfort zone, and build a business that aligns with the values I’m so passionate about.

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I’m determined to help you prove to yourself that you can have it all – a loving family and success at the level of your choosing. With my H.A.R.M.O.N.Y. Blueprint. you can give yourself permission to prioritise your aspirations and have the success you truly desire.

…know you can have it all:

  • be present for your loved ones AND achieve the success you want
  • build your legacy and create an impact with meaningful work
  • live in-line with your soul-desire for “Life Satisfaction”
Ready for more Success without Sacrificing what’s most important to you?

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Success Stories of Harmonising Ambition and Family

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