Fall In Love With PLANNING AND PRODUCTIVITY for business Success

Fall In Love With PLANNING AND PRODUCTIVITY for business Success

Planning and productivity for business success – these are both key to business growth. They’re two essential components that need to be aligned with each other. Planning the right things and being productive on the right things will take you from being BUSY to working towards building your business SUCCESS.

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What’s Planning all about

Planning in your business is so important yet most people don’t spend enough time planning work – they just get stuck in. The biggest problem with this is not prioritising the right things to help your business grow and to get the result you want.

A few questions to ponder on:

  • Do you have a plan on how you’re going to achieve your business goals?
  • How are going to do the tasks you’ve already allocated yourself?
  • Are you mindful of how you feel when doing all your work?

Productivity in business

Productivity in a nutshell is finding the most effective way for you to work towards success – whatever success may look like to you.

Having a successful business is all about connecting with your dream client and being able to grow an audience of potential clients. When the timing is right, some of them may need the service you’re offering. They will be more than happy to come and speak to you because when they need help, you can be front of mind and an expert in what you do. When they realise this is the help they seek, to allow them to move forward – then of course they’re going to connect with you. This will be the start of your new relationship and the basis of a strong foundation of your connection.

These things will create the strong foundations and pillars in your business – where you’ll be able to put the weight of the rest of your business on. Your vision, your strategy, and your planning will all be a roadmap to your success.

When you can do all the things to build these foundations in a productive way – you are growing your business efficiently – by spending time on the right things and you’re also saying NO to a whole lot of things in the process.


How do you even start building that roadmap?

So everybody has a very unique business yet there are so many people out there telling you they have the “magic strategy” and download this guide to get you £5K months etc etc

Why would a standard approach in a freebie (one of the hundreds you’ve downloaded) give you enough information and inspire you to take the right action?

So you see planning and productivity for business success go hand in hand – you can achieve success without these but how much time will you need to sacrifice. The most efficient way to work is through planning and productivity.

It’s all about you

This is where it begins, what YOU need. Being able to have the vision and the confidence that one day you can make your vision a reality. But then an additional thing you need to tap into is having the courage to use support and ask for the help you need. Because you simply cannot be an expert in everything.

Let’s reframe this – why should you be an expert in anything other than your zone of genius? This is your specialty and your greatest passion, so this comes naturally to you – how on earth can everything else be as EASY?

All the other things you need to do may not sit inside your circle of comfort. So seeking out support that is right for you is super important. Being able to connect with a mentor or coach that you resonate with is key to success – because we all need a guide!

It goes without saying, you have to do the work. The hard bit is staying consistent with your plan and seeing this through so you can measure the results – you also have to stay motivated to take action and move forward. That’s a lot to ask of when your zone of genius is not doing “all the other things” your business requires.

This is why I offer a free clarity call to check if we’re a good fit and if the problem you have can be solved by a service I provide.

Guidance to support you follow your dream

So if you want to work intentionally – use your time in a really productive manner, work strategically so have the clarity on your next steps – without compromising on YOU – build a roadmap to your success – then you want a bespoke business blueprint giving you full control.

It’s worth mentioning you can get valuable support without paying one-to-one high ticket prices – and still have an experience that helps you create your bespoke business blueprint. I have a monthly membership and this could be your first step in helping your business grow in a “feel good” way – WITHOUT sacrificing your time or your values.

Click here for some testimonials from some amazing clients.

You can create business growth with support and accountability that helps you take CEO control and make your progress a process. The world needs your services and helping more people can be done with the freedom you set out for – if you choose it!

So tell me, what would you like to achieve in the next 12 months?

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