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Increase Productivity for business growth – how I did it

Building a business has so many moving parts, it’s hard to see where we need to focus to increase productivity. Read on to find out how I applied “work less to achieve more” strategy to help me go from working over 44 hours a week to just 24 hours a week. I want to share how I did this and to show you it’s absolutely possible to work LESS and achieve MORE!

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If you’re creating your dream business, you want all of the elements to be “feel good” – the marketing, sales, admin, content creation, social media management, book keeping etc etc not to forget the actual serving your clients. When these all feel good, your business will give you more joy and everything will flow with more ease and without overwhelm. The path of least resistence is always the easiest way, right?

How it all started

When I started my entrepreneurial journey back in 2017 I “accidentally” fell into it. Little did I know what this meant, how much of my time would be sucked up, how draining it would be to learn what I didn’t know, fire-fighting problems as they came up and the constant treadmill of content creation not to mention the energy drains of social media. To tell you the truth if I had known even a few of these, like many of you reading – I may not have started my business.

Nobody tells us how to create a business in the most efficient way – we just get fired “you should be on Tik Tok“, “you must try Reels“, “have you thought about YouTube“. In their own way they’re trying to help but with the sheer volume of tasks in your business, this alone can be overwhelming – without adding more workload.

I learnt the hard way, working HARDER and LONGER, actioning what I thought was giving other people success, believing my next client was on the other side of my next social media post… keeping on going and doing the same things on repeat.

What happened in reality was I ended up working longer and harder (much harder than I had ever worked in the corporate world) all this for no real reward, no focus or direction and with too many things, I was actually aimless. I hoped when something took off, this would help me decide the direction I wanted. This didn’t happen on a consistent basis… and then lockdown happened.

Big lessons learned through this experience, with my two boys home from school and “online schooling” – being a parent, a wife to my husband who tool over my office desk and space – I was left without an office and ended up at the dining table. My office was my private space, where I could close the door to distractions and work… not anymore!

Something had to change so this experience led me to set boundaries (including my own self-care rountine) and get strategic on what I was focusing on. Once I made my big decision to pivot my business and move my efforts away from a product business, things started to change.

Increase Productivity

I setup Xcel with Mahnaz with a view to help women so they don’t go through the “working HARDER” stage and sacrifice their own health and sanity in the process. It was most important for me to get my message out there to be intentional and effective so they can be super productive… my passion to serve women and my experience led me down this road.

My productivity soared after I became laser focused on what I wanted to achieve, I’m super proud to share some of my highlights from my first 12 months:

  • launched my business growth membership
  • began working wth my VIP’s with live sessions, something I had never done before
  • setup my online course so it could be completed by clients at their own pace
  • started building my audience intentionally
  • tried and tested out several lead magnets (opt-ins) for my email list
  • developed a programme that goes deep into how to launch a new online service
  • created free resources to help my potential clients – whatever stage they are at
  • welcomed my first programme clients and completed BETA testing with them
  • ran a few workshops, webinars, challenges – finding my way
  • made improvements on my membership and programme from direct feedback

Essentials to start

Before any of this could happen, the first thing I did was set the intention of making this business successful and secondly I invested in myselfI invested financially, emotionally and with my time, effort and focus!

Without investing, I would never have achieved what I did in my first year!

My confidence, mindset, self-belief were critical to what and how I implemented anything – I believe this is where you should focus if you need to get results fast. What investment will help you take action? Not just any action but aligned action that’s right for you.

Business Growth

I knew I wanted to reduce my hours as I wanted to live the life I dreamed of. This was also what I wanted for my clients and I knew I had to practice what I preach. What I didn’t realise was this was what I needed to focus on before I could see success.

If you want to increase productivity then build from the foundations upwards – like my “Sustainable Business Framework” – I will share a free resource that explains how this works.

Sustainable Freedom Business framework for business growth
Sustainable Freedom Business framework

The basic elements are such that the groundwork i.e, the solid foundations of the business are in place first. These foundations are then able to support the weight of your business – just like an actual building!

In order to increase productivity so you’re working less to achieve more – then think about focusing on less stuff, in less time. This will really get you thinking about what is really important versus a “nice to have

By reducing my hours – here are some of the amazing benefits I noticed:

  • MORE time to enjoy life
  • increased FOCUS
  • working more intentionally and therefore more productively
  • LESS pressure, stress, worry
  • more present in life – personal (family and kids) and in business
  • able to switch off work-mode and allow my mind to reset
  • more ideas as there was more time to reflect

Further resource:

Click on my video below to find out how I soared my productivity and reduced my working hours by 45%

I also share my Sustainable Freedom Business framework in detail and hope this will help you plan your success pathway for aligned business growth.

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