6 secrets to help more clients without burnout

6 Secrets to help more clients without burnout

If you’re a solopreneur wanting to manage your business instead of your business running your life – then this is perfect for you!

So you have a passion business where your underlying desire and ambition is to help more clients and to make a real difference in this world. As solopreneurs of our business, the problem with this is there is only one you!

In this webinar style video, I share with you:

  • 2 figures that will blow your mind
  • 3 most common problems as solopreneurs
  • 6 Secrets to becoming efficient

Watch the full video here or, read blog below:

Help more clients without burnout

When you’re running a business solo and trying to do all the things – many tasks don’t fit into your comfort zone. It can get stressful and feel very difficult to build and grow an aligned sustainable business while managing the day to day too.

So how can we help MORE clients without burnout?

We can increase our business efficiency – this means becoming more productive and effective as a business owner and creating a sustainable business. We will then be able to spend less time on tasks and ultimately spend more time on what we love!

Why increase efficiency?

Preserving our energy you know that has a huge impact on us, on our daily life and everything that we do. So being able to respect that, being able to honour it and work in harmony with the energy we have. Then that will allow us to also work less because being more efficient means saving time. We can help more clients if we’re being more efficient and strategic about what we’re doing. Ultimately we are also making a bigger impact.

That is the underlying desire we have, to help more clients, to be able to impact their lives, to change their lives, to help transform their lives with your help. All of this feeds into growing an aligned business without sacrifice and by bringing yourself into the heart of this, you can ensure you’re not sacrificing yourself in the process.

To make sure you get the most from this, you’re in the right place if you:

  • want consistent action and progress
  • are working harder and longer than you would like
  • have possibly downloaded hundreds, if not 1000s of freebies
  • are constantly searching for the missing piece of the puzzle – the thing that other people seem to know!
  • think that success will be on the other side of your next social media post
  • want to have a better balance with work and to help more clients without working 24/7 and definitely without being a slave to social media

if this sounds like you then read on….

You might be very busy and even distracted when you work, unfocused, not being crystal clear on what you need to give your attention to. You may have a massive to do list, a big vision and goals but not quite sure how to get there. This can be stressful and cause you worry or even worse, make you feel overwhelmed.

There’s so much pressure to get visible and to do online marketing in a very noisy space. You’re juggling so many things as a result of this. And then things like social media can just add to this and be a huge time and energy drain.

Doing things that sometimes just don’t feel good and you’re not even able to enjoy the present moment, take time off or stop thinking about work when you are finished for the day. You can be carrying this stress and worry into your personal life because obviously “YOU” are your business and that carries through both ways.

These are all reasons you want to welcome change into your world!

Stay with me as this next part is going to help you. I promised I’d share two figures that will blow your mind and here they are.

2 figures that will blow your mind

1. Switching tasks kills up to 80% of your productive time!

How like how ridiculous does that sound? That is just crazy, right?

But it’s true! When we think about this more carefully, we can understand it better. When we work on something, it takes time to build up our concentration levels. Once they get to a peak – you’re working at your most efficient and most productive!

If we only stay there for a short time and switch tasks, we start at the bottom of the ladder again and have to build this concentration back up. So if you switch tasks several times in a day, you can imagine how much productivity that is killing.

This one simple fact is really good to know and with understanding it, you can change that practically. This is a key takeaway that you can take and apply it in your day to day starting as soon as you possibly can.

2. Just 20% of what you do gives 80% of your results

This is pure gold right here, if there’s only one thing that you take away from reading this, I want you to remember this:

Just 20% of your input results in 80% of your outputs!

You can apply this across the board with anything you do from your personal life whether that’s moping the floor. If you concentrate on the right 20% of the area to clean, this will give you 80% of the results – i.e, a clean floor!

Think of the marketing you do, income you earn in your business, time you spend on tasks, number of clients you get etc etc

20% of what you’re doing is giving you 80% of the results.

A powerful way to flip this is:

If you knew what that 20% was, you can do more of the 20% and much less of the 80% – where you’re clearly spending precious time but for not much reward!

The 80% is where we are not necessarily achieving and getting results. So if you didn’t have to do 80% of the work you are currently doing, can you imagine how many hours you would need to work?

This is crazy, but it can certainly be applied to your working day and everything you do. I would love for you to take this away and really sit with it and see what you come up with because it’s working out what you’re 80 – 20 is where the magic is.

3 most common problems

Let’s cover the most common problems that I see.

Problem 1: Overloading the day – trying to do too many things, juggling lots of tasks or clients, working longer hours. And at worst switching, or even multitasking. We’ve already covered the switching and the effects of this.

Solution: Do one thing at a time and “feed your focus and starve your distractions” because doing that one thing is where you are putting all your time, energy and effort into is going to give you results.

Problem 2: Lack of time – you how many times have you said I don’t have time for this? Or, I need more time in my day?

You could be using this as reasons to not do other things. How many times have you fallen down some sort of rabbit hole either investigating, researching or just trying to fix something?

Getting caught up in things that are not that important sucks your time and energy.

Solution: Look to prioritise more effectively so you can concentrate on the right stuff. It’s important to have that priority list because that is how we manage our time better and when we know exactly what we’re focusing on, this becomes a clear plan. There’s always room for improvement. Nobody’s perfect. This is something that we all have to keep on top of and try and keep on optimizing and maximizing the use of our time.

Problem 3: Saying YES too much – how often have you said no? It’s probably quite easy for you to answer that question. Because when we’re saying yes all the time, we literally spreading ourselves thinly and we’re trying to do it all. We don’t want to admit defeat. We don’t want to accept that we can say no, We find it really really difficult to say no. And that can cause this kind of spiral effect.

Solution: There’s no magic solution, you can’t just suddenly just start saying no to everything but feeling better with saying no and saying it more often is a great start!

Turning this around and understanding that when you say no to something, what you are actually doing is saying yes to something else. And when you’re able to say yes to something else that means that you are certainly feeding that focus because you’re reinforcing the importance of that thing you’ve already said yes to.

I want to share this quote with you because I think it’s one that is a great reminder, especially for us women in business.

Allow yourself to be a beginner, no one starts off Excellent.

Allow yourself to be a beginner. No one starts off being excellent

You have your zone of genius and you’re obviously passionate and amazing when you operate from this place. But everything else you need to do puts pressure on, to know everything and to do everything. Clearly we cannot be doing things to the same level as what we’re passionate about. That’s just clearly not our zone of genius.

It’s okay and nobody has been to entrepreneurial school or a course to learn how to do be a successful business owner. So it’s okay for you to be who you really are and accepting that is actually a key part of being able to to do things in the most productive manner.

Now we come on to the juicy bits so I have six secrets to share with you – this is to work more efficiently.

6 secrets to working more efficiently

1. Developing a sustainable busines model

A sustainable business model where you can diversify your your services. So not just having one to one type of offerings but in different formats. So it could be digital download, group or online courses or other services. There are so many different things that you can come up with. The emphasis here is to have something that is aligned to you because it has to fit into your model in a unique way. Therefore if you’re thinking about incorporating and adding more things, it’s got to feel like it’s the right thing for your business vision.

2. Effective working schedule

This is your daily routine, so having an effective schedule that allows you to make the most of your time. Managing the time you have to work in a way that works for you.

Whether you need to limit the time you work, because perhaps you have been overdoing it and you want to cut back. Maybe you actually only have very specific times to work – so you’re limited by the time you have but you want to be able to use that time better.

Regardless of which of these ring true, your daily schedule is where you master your time and you need to be an empowered CEO taking control and charge of every single minute that you have available!

3. Fill the GAPS

I mentioned earlier about your zone of genius and certainly you should be the master of your zone of genius – but you should be looking for aligned support to help you with the things that don’t feel so good to do – i.e fill the gaps. We simply cannot know or master everything. Even highly successful coaches have coaches to help them achieve their NEXT level of success.

Sometimes we don’t need to know everything because we don’t actually need to do everything we currently do. Going back to saying yes all the time. We may have said yes to so many things that we don’t actually need to do but we’ve got stuck in a cycle of doing. So we may not need to get support in everything but certainly getting the support for the things that will help you move your business forward is essential.

4. Plan

This is where you take that time away from your business and you have a meeting with yourself. You pop your CEO hat on – prepare and plan in advance!

This needs to incorporate prioritising your work and understanding exactly where your focus should be. And doing this well in advance, so it’s not about doing things in the moment because things can change very quickly and sometimes under pressure we will give our attention to the wrong things – perhaps spending some time down another rabbit hole. By doing planning in advance, we can take the pressure off, work out what our route is, what are the next steps and then when we come to working we know exactly what we need to focus on.

5. Simplify

Simplify for ease. So here, I don’t mean take everything you have and just make it easier. The very first step is always to look at your list and analyse it. You want to first reduce things that you want, to streamline stuff that needs to stay with you. But it needs to be easy or easier than it is just now. There may also be things that you can automate and if you can, then that takes more pressure off you and if you’re in a position that you’re able to delegate work, then that will also be very helpful.

6. Make time to BE

We need to focus on resting, reflecting and re-energising.

It’s something we often find very easy to tell our clients to do this but it’s much harder for us to put into practice ourselves.

Another reminder that we are our business and in order for us to look after our business, we must take care of ourself first!

In order for us to be working most productively, with the right energy – we must make that time to just simply be.

We are human-beings, not human-doings

Mahnaz sharif

I think it’s so important to make this part of your success journey because that’s where the difference is. If we don’t do that, down the line – more stress and more overwhelm can kick in, so it needs to be part of our life and even more important, part of our business too.

Our business needs to have some element of us being who we need to be and taking care of ourselves is a priority and not a second thought.

So this has to make it in the top six and is just as important as everything else.

What is it costing you to NOT get the support you need?

Sometimes that you know what support you’re needing, so what’s stopping you?

But actually taking that first step can be really quite daunting and feel quite difficult.

On the other hand, if you’re not sure about what you need – that can in itself cause a lot a lot of stress too.

What happens when you’re not able to support yourself in the right way?

Your passion business is under extra pressure.

You’re losing precious time, energy and effort – time being the most valued asset we have. If we’re not able to use time in the most intentional way, we’re not only losing precious time, we’re also losing our precious energy and effort too.

Feeling overwhelmed or getting stressed and caught up in the day to day or just being very busy. You could be frustrated and stuck with how you do that next thing and how to actually move forward and take the next step. You might feel directionless and not quite knowing where you need to go. All this resulting in not being fully present with your family. Obviously you’re then unable to help more clients with your amazing services because something isn’t quite right.

If you need support with this there are super affordable ways to work with me.

If this this has resonated with you, then check out my “Master your MINUTES” which is a mini course and it’s all about creating the day you love and getting the most out of your day – ON REPEAT. It’s not any old standard steps, I show you how to structure your day and guide you in creating a unique aligned schedule for yourself.

I also have an EXCLUSIVE membership trial for 30 days and it’s only available on this link. So do check that out. It’s 30 days, no obligation to stay you get access to some amazing resources and opportunities to join me for monthly live sessions with current members. it will give you a really good insight into my monthly membership.

If you feel I may be able to help you and when you’re ready to investin yourself:

I have an online course that’s designed to help you manage your business with ease and The DREAM Journey Programme to help you build your sustainable business.

without strategy, execution is aimless and without execution, strategy is useless.

Morris Chang

We need to have a holistic view of our business because that’s what’s going to make the difference.

If you’re just simply not sure what support you need, I welcome you to chat with me over coffee on Zoom absolutely no sales pitch and no obligation to buy anything at all. Perhaps I can share some resources that would be most helpful for you, wherever you are in your business.

So if that resonates with you send me a message or if you’re not quite ready for that, check out my free resources.

Links and Resources

Resources and support mentioned are listed below.

Super affordable ways to work with me:

Check Master your MINUTES mini course

Join exclusive membership trial for 30 days (no obligation)

When you’re ready to invest:

Xcel course designed to help manage your business with ease

The DREAM Journey Programme to help you build a sustainable business

Read more blogs to help you get more strategic and productive

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