Digital Marketing as an act of service

Digital Marketing as an Act of Service – with Susan Finn

Digital marketing can flow with ease and joy. Susan Finn is a Digital Marketing Guide with Rise Above Noise. We had such a great conversation around creating aligned, compelling content – something vital to every business!

In this guest interview we talk about:

  • 5 step process for Rise Above Noise
  • shifting our perspective on marketing
  • how we can create aligned content that feels easy
  • tips on how to create generous content

Watch the full interview here

About Susan Finn:

Susan believes that every service-based professional has a gift to offer.

She believes that marketing is an act of service to those who are currently searching for exactly what you offer.  Susan has created the ‘Rise Above Noise’ 5-pillar process which offers heart-centered entrepreneurs a step-by-step guide to create a digital marketing strategy that saves time, attracts clients, and allows them to show up in their own integrity.

These days, Susan is focusing her efforts on helping her clients create their list growth strategy to build an email practice that feels generous while it attracts, nurtures, and converts subscribers.

Her clients feel ‘in-control’ having a system that allows them to create generous conversations at scale. They are building their ‘know-like-trust’ and growing their business with consistency.

Key Takeaways

5 Pillars of Rise Above Noise

  1. Core Values – ideal clients
  2. Compelling Content
  3. Proof of Concept
  4. Organise – Schedule
  5. Keep in Touch

Top Marketing Tips

Grab a notepad and create a map for your content as follows:

  • write down every question you can think about around what you do
  • do some competitor research and add more questions to your list
  • ask family or contacts “do you know what I do” and “do you have any questions” – add more questions to your list

Roadmap to Creating Compelling Content

Use the questions to create content, each question will help create a unique piece of content. Wherever you can try to use these questions to plug the answers.

You will have over a years worth of compelling content in no time!

Next plan out your marketing, pop it into your calendar or diary. Set the intention of when you will be covering the answers for these specific questions… this is your marketing roadmap!

If you create a blog, with lots of parts. Make sure you add links to more of your blogs to keep your potential clients on your website and to help them learn more.

You can consolidate these into smaller bits and use in various ways. Here are some examples of what you can do – email this, record YouTube or digestible video or social media posts.

Diarise to send this out again, on repeat – say in 3 months time. This creates a cycle of content.

Your audience will be at different points in their journey so sending this out again is a great way to help them.

Make sure you have a call to action on all your marketing content. This does not neet to be salesy or feel pushy. Sometimes a simple call to action like download my freebie, read another blog or book a call is enough. Help your clients take another action. Mix up the call to actions in the form of buttons and hyperlinks.

Remember the simplified process you help your clients with is:

Problem – Solution – Result

When answering the questions you have compiled, share the “why” versus the “how” in your marketing. The how is what you can cover in your paid content.

Use client stories to help them see what’s possible and hear positive stories to inspire and engage with them. If you find this tricky, start by simply sharing how they felt and talk about the results they got.

Links and Resources

Connect with Susan via her website

Grab Susan’s free Resources or book a free call

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