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Client Story: clarity and confidence – MiMi

Clarity and confidence to take the next step in MiMi’s business journey was missing for a long time. It’s so hard setting up your own business and taking the right action, moving step by step towards your goals. In this video MiMi shares just how she got enough clarity and confidence to open her physical shop – a life long dream of hers!

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Mahnaz: Hi, everyone. We’re joined by Mimi from MiMi health and beauty today and we are going to have a chat about what MiMi’s journey has been like on The DREAM journey programme recently -and I’m just going to let MiMi introduce herself and then we will get going with some questions. So welcome Mimi, tell us who you are and what you do.

MiMi: Hi. Let’s see my full name is Mireille Lepeblad. But a lot of people can’t pronounce that. So I just tend to call myself Mimi. And yeah, I am the owner of Mimi health and beauty. And I’m just really passionate about helping people, you know, make healthier choices in life. So I’m  married with three young children, young girls. Yeah, that’s about it.

Mahnaz: Okay, running your business around all other responsibilities, isn’t it?

MiMi: Exactly.

Mahnaz: So looking back to when you were about to begin on the dream journey program where were you in terms of your business so that everybody can can understand what was going on for you?

MiMi: Well, to be honest, I was registered as self employed, but I was not really running a business. I just, you know, kind of trying things and I did have a few clients, but it wasn’t a sustainable business or anything like that. So at that time, I was really looking for ways to you know, get more clients get, actually get a business started. So I did lots of courses spent quite a bit of money. You know, sometimes when you sit down and add up all the costs, you know, from experience that it can run into the 1000s of pounds. So that’s basically where I was kind of wanting, really wanting to start my business and helping people but just struggling to get myself out there and actually doing what I want to be doing.

Mahnaz: And how were you feeling at that time?

MiMi: I, to be honest, felt quite lost. And very unclear. You know, about how can I make this better? How can I improve you know, myself? My situation? How can I just yeah, like I said, already, get myself out there and just be who I really want to be. And yeah, just really lost.

Mahnaz: Yeah it’s quite hard, isn’t it when you’re a business owner, you know, what it is you wanting to do – but sometimes it’s just finding that route is really can hold us all back because we if we can’t see how then it almost nothing happens. Is that how you felt at that the time?

MiMi: Yeah, yeah, definitely. Yeah and I felt quite alone. You know? Yeah. Yeah, in my personal life, not much support. Yeah. That’s it’s important to have support.

Mahnaz: Absolutely. Totally and being a solo business owner. It can really feel like quite lonely, especially when you don’t have that understanding. And often, really, we can’t really expect our partners or husbands or family, our kids, anybody to really understand exactly what we are going through. So it can feel like very lonely experience for so many, That’s really important that you’ve touched on that. And when you started on the dream journey, how long did it take you to really realise that this was going to be something that would really be super helpful for you?

MiMi: Well, from the get go.

Mahnaz: Really?

MiMi: It didn’t take much time at all. You know, after speaking to you about the program, and you explaining what it’s all about, to me, it was like a no brainer. This is what I needed, you know, to get at least the fundamentals of running a business all together and you know, getting a proper business model and, you know, who knowing who I’ll be serving, knowing what I can offer, because I just, you know, we’ll talk about that later maybe, but I really want to be offering so many things you know, so to keep that all organised, you know, the planning, getting so much clarity, so I knew from the start it’s gonna be really helpful because you again, you’ve you explained it really, really well done a few of your programs and you know, saw the way you kind of break things down into very bite sized videos and you know, the way you present the information. And so, like I said it was a no brainer. No I just what I needed.

Mahnaz: Fantastic. That’s so good to know knew me. I think it’s important, isn’t it to, when you do feel like you know something is going to help you to take that step forward. And you certainly did. I think there was really no hesitation on your part from what I can remember. So yeah, definitely well done for you investing in yourself because really, that’s what it’s all about. And I’d love to know, throughout the whole program, because this was like months of time that we spent together. Did you feel that you had enough support throughout the whole program?

MiMi: Absolutely. You know, I, I feel really that you care about my success. You don’t just do this for your own sake, you know, or to make money for it. You know, it’s a business so you do want to make your money but you did genuinely care about my success. And I could feel that. Yeah, I felt very much supported and I still do that I’m doing more with you.

Mahnaz: That’s so good. I know I think we just need to have that support. And it is important because is our success is like what we can then take forward and implement and do and it’s not necessarily something that you just take action with while you’re on the program the way it’s been designed. It’s very much something that you can hop into at any time. So when you’re feeling a little bit unclear about something you could really go back and revisit that because you know lots of things can change in our business and I think that’s really worthwhile to mention here that even for yourself like there was a huge amount of changes that went on and the months that we were working together. And I think even now we’ve already actually discussed that it might be an idea to actually go back to some very particular parts of the program to actually relook at them. Given the situation you’re dealing with now, as opposed to where you thought you might be just now because lots of things have changed and as they will because we all evolve over time as well. And I’d love to know next what the best part of the experience was for you?

MiMi: The best part is really hard.

Mahnaz: Tough question for you.

MiMi: I think I wrote it down if I don’t if you don’t mind.

Mahnaz: No problem

MiMi: Yeah, I think you bet yes, I remember now. The best part really is the amount of clarity that this program has given me. Really have to plan my week and, you know, again, who am I serving? What do I want to offer? And that was just the best experience to get that clarity. Yes. As I was saying in the beginning, I felt really unclear. You know, I knew within my in my heart of hearts, that I wanted to do something and it has to be something around health because I’m a certified health coach and it’s always been a passion of mine. But how to actually turn it into a business and offers services. So yeah, that was the greatest experience to get that clarity.

Mahnaz: Amazing. I think from from memory, there were so many lightbulb moments. There were so many stages where, you know, I think he felt like, you know, suddenly there was light and you understood things better and it’s not just understanding it was always about aligning things to yourself and making sure that what you were, the path you were on was picking and the road you were going to travel on was actually the right one for you. So there was a lot of thought and support and accountability in there so that there was space for you to be able to explore options. I think that’s the main thing, isn’t it? Because nobody’s business is a standard. You know, this is how you do this in the shop formula for success. You know, that does not exist. And I think you were the prime example because there were so many turning points and then I think things kept changing in your world too. But you just took that on so well and still dedicated yourself to like really covering the material and actually finishing everything in a very conscientious manner. I guess really kind of systematically so that was amazing to see and watch you through the whole thing. So what do you think has been the greatest achievement that you’ve had since you’ve completed your dream journey program?

MiMi: For me, it’s just actually opening my health and beauty shop or a space. That is something that I have been dreaming about for a very long time. And actually do that, to me was that’s the biggest achievement, but also to continue doing what I need to be doing to make it a total success. I think that was my very biggest achievement that I’ve made.

Mahnaz: You say “just” but it really isn’t “just”. It’s like opening a physical shop and you’ve said this to me before that it’s been a dream of yours to have your own little space. At the start of the program, I think there wasn’t really this wasn’t really an option at that point. And then all of a sudden, there was a few twists and turns that meant that this was actually becoming more of a reality and it was absolutely amazing to see how it’s come together for you and I’m just absolutely thrilled and delighted that you now have like a physical shop open. Tell me how long you’ve been dreaming about this for?

MiMi: Many, many years. I can’t even remember. All I can say is that the space where Yeah, I used to live above this shop here, and a few years ago, we were evicted from this place because the landlord wanted to rebuild, demolish everything, build whatever is here now but then the pandemic happened. So it was supposed to only take about 18 months and I had already told him that I was interested, that I wanted to have one of the shops and it took a lot longer. Right. It took over three years for them to complete all of this. So yeah, a few months ago, I think it was October of 21 that, you know, signed the contract and then it took up until May for me to actually open the shop. So yeah, it’s something that I definitely felt that I wanted to have. And yeah, it’s it’s, that’s what happens, isn’t it when you’ve said your intention, you just dream about something and options that are presented to you.

Mahnaz: Absolutely. And it was wonderful to see how it really came about and the fact that you now have not only completed the dream journey you’ve used a lot of the content and ideas on a lot of things to to then just really mold what it is that you were going to do with your business and almost to make it fit what it is that felt like it was the right thing for you, which was having that physical shop and having that physical presence. So how do you feel now that you’ve completely finished The DREAM Journey programme. Has it empowered you and build up your confidence? What do you think?

MiMi: Yes, absolutely. Yeah. I like I was I keep saying I feel so much clearer. You know, definitely a lot more confident and empowered, that I am able to do this and that I can run the business. Yeah. Where I used to think that. No, it’s not for me. Yeah, but no, it’s, it’s been very, very great.

Mahnaz: I think that self confidence is certainly something that I noticed throughout the whole journey that we worked together, that you know, as it built up and as you know, you had those lightbulb moments that wow, I can actually do this and it really felt like it was coming together. And I think self confidence is such a huge, huge part, isn’t it? of women running businesses, we are often very, super passionate about the thing that we do. But then we need to have a lot of self confidence to do all the things that we are not so excellent at you know, we don’t need to be excellent at those firstly, but we it’s okay to not be excellent at them as long as we can find our own way. In a way that it makes it easy, or you know, easier than it needs to be and not be that kind of hard and hustle and difficult. And I think you are a prime example where you’ve grown your confidence massively like you know, before you didn’t really have a business that was giving you paying clients whereas now you have this physical shop, which at this time, especially in the times that we’ve been facing might seem like a really incredible move because there are so many shops that are closing yet you’ve opene. So it just goes to show what can happen when you have so much passion and you put all your intention in the right place like you say. Yeah, so if you if you met someone who was now looking at The DREAM Journey and maybe considering it an option, what would you say to them?

MiMi: I would say just go for it. That’s the easiest thing. You know, that’s what comes to mind. When I think about that. It’s it’s been such a help to me, and definitely worth the investment. You know, it’s it’s, again, it’s a no brainer. If you are struggling to get ahead in your business or even starting up a business, then you know, this, this program is just perfect. It has all everything you need. Sorry, what I really really, I think I’ve kind of not really touched on that. What I really love about the program is that it’s not like you’re saying telling me you have to do this a certain way. It’s me figuring out what it is the best way for me to do things because I – you might remember that I kept saying that “I don’t really like this emails” and I don’t like the way I market myself and I really need to find a way to do that. But now I’ve got an email list. I got so many things set up

MiMi: You send regular emails now.

MiMi: I do reals on Instagram. Yeah, you know, posting on Facebook, and things that I thought that I would never do. Yeah, this didn’t seem like me. Yeah, but I yeah, that was part of those light bulb moments. Isn’t it that I realised that it’s really not that hard. Yeah. It’s things that you can plan. Yeah, and just action. You know? So yeah, this program is just perfect.

Mahnaz: And again, like we’ve already mentioned that the fact that it’s something that is it’s almost like having a guide the way that I wanted to set this up so that it’s a guide, showing you all the routes and showing your options and really making it easy for you to be able to see the possibilities. And once you’ve opened up to the possibilities, you almost just it’s natural to pick. It’s almost like it’s natural to pick the path of least resistance, isn’t it? And then when you feel drawn to something and then you explore that and you’ve got enough confidence to explore it, whereas before you didn’t have that much confidence. You’ve now explored email marketing, that’s a great one because before you used to have an email list, but you didn’t really use it. So you know from going from there to like getting really comfortable with sending emails regularly setting up your lead magnet, your automation and all these things that you know are so important because you don’t want to rely on just social media. You want to have a place of your own. And then just slowly sort of step by step progressing that and being in a place where you are now. It certainly looks like you feel empowered and you feel happy about sending and contacting people. And I think that’s where the magic happens, isn’t it when it feels good to you? It comes across and I think definitely it does for you as well.

MiMi: Yeah, it’s it’s again, you know, the clarity this course it’s just been amazing. Yeah.

Mahnaz: it’s been absolutely amazing watching you I mean, the whole like legacy. It’s, it’s there’s so much in there that it literally takes months and months to go through. And when you are working so closely with somebody, you know, it’s, it’s like, I mean, even if I wasn’t working as long as that but there’s just so much deep work going on in there, that it’s hard to not be super passionate about making your business a success because, you know, my aim isn’t to just have you start and finish a program it’s to take that forward it’s to implement and it’s to then impact lots and lots of people so that you have then you know created more of a positive influence around you as well. Eh so it’s like I said, it has been amazing. And the last question for you now, is really please do share all the types of things you’re doing and your lovely shops and Mimi’s health and beauty and where can we find you? And what is it that you offer? And how can people really get in touch with you?

MiMi: Right write so my shop is in Coventry in the UK, because I believe there’s a Coventry in the US as well. So I’m in the UK and it’s basically a space where I offer you know, workshops, a space where people can they can meet and hire the space. And my intention behind that really is also to give people the opportunity to maybe make a little bit of money themselves. You know, they can just hire the space and then do arts and crafts or anything that they’re really good at, you know, just for entertainment, educational purposes. And so yeah, I just charge you know, an hourly fee and they can charge whatever they like and just use the space. I just love to empower people as well in that way. I have health and beauty products. All organic, nature based, you know, essential oils soaps, haircare you know, by the way I use the hair care and stuff myself, even though I really love how it turns out. And I also do cooking shows there’s a healthy cooking system that I promote that doesn’t require oils or fats or water to prepare your food. It’s really nice. Yeah, so I do some cooking shows, presentations here and people get the opportunity to invest if they want. And then last but not least, the beauty part. Although you know the beauty products are a part of that as well. Is that I do hair braiding and you know extension, different types, the box braids, butterfly locks there’s so many different types. And I really, really enjoy doing that. So whoever is, you know, interested in any of the things that I’ve just mentioned. You don’t even have to live in Coventry because I am also planning to do some workshops online. So I’ll just be in my shop. I can do the workshop and people can join me on Zoom. So best place to go is my website, which is obviously www dot MiMi health and beauty dot co dot uk and you can email me and yeah, all the information is on there anything that you want to know things, anything that you want to book, you know, it’s all explained on the website.

Mahnaz: Amazing. I will pop all the links down below this video so that everybody can access them easily. But I just want to say that you know, while you’re just typing your services, you know what’s really really apparent as you have so taken this shot and business in fact, to be such a bespoke experience. You know, when you say health and beauty, you have created your version of what health and beauty looks like so that’s your natural products, especially for hair care. Especially for looking after, you know, afro hair and hair that is more difficult to manage. And then you know the health part with the food and then that the health coaching is just it’s such a new sort of dynamic way and I just want to congratulate you on putting this together and finding your way because that’s really what the dream journey was about to really find your dream business and I hope that you feel that this is the dream business that is now you’re starting and hopefully over time of course it will evolve but this is like really setting up the foundation for you. So yeah, congratulations. And I want to ask you about braiding because I think it is such a difficult like, I mean, there are so many people who need braiding done and who must struggle with finding people who can do it, someone who’s reliable, who is somebody who is doing it in a very professional manner, like yourself, so please do share a little bit more. I mean, I know you have three daughters yourself and you’ve got absolutely tons of practice. On your daughters and your daughters friends. But can people literally just turn up and request what they want and say this is what I want and can you do this for me?

MiMi: Yeah. The thing is that I do obviously need to make an appointment with the person. But what it’s okay for somebody to just send me a picture or show me a picture of what they would like to have done. And if I if I know that I can do it, I’ll do it and if I can’t, I’ll honestly say that I can’t, you know it’s it’s you need to be you need to have your integrity isn’t it you don’t just have (absolutely) to take anyone on because you want to make money. I really really love to take my time and do it really really nice. So people come away feeling you know, beautiful and feeling so good about themselves. You know, just, that’s just what I really love to do. And yes, there are many different styles. And, to be honest, most of it I’ve learned by watching YouTube.

Mahnaz: Yeah and lots and lots of practice I’m sure.

MiMi: Lots of practice you know, with my three girls definitely got a lot of practice. But what I’ve What I know is that a lot of people don’t have the intention to learn how to do it. They don’t want to waste their time. You know, they don’t mind spending a bit of money to have their daughter’s hair done or they own the hair.

Mahnaz: It’s a huge commitment and time though, isn’t it because how much how long would something take minimum for you?

MiMi: It takes if I do like, you know the so easier one, maybe three to four hours. Okay, but if every if somebody wants box braids, it could take nine to 10 hours. That’s you know with with a break, obviously, in between, but the reason it takes that long is not just because I’m standing there braiding. You need to prepare the hair. You know you need to section the hair, and it can definitely take a take a while and my specialty tends to be really long hair. A lot of girls and women that want their hair really long and you know, it just takes time. Right.

Mahnaz: Yeah of course. I’ve seen your workflow is absolutely amazing. Anybody is considering or thinking about changing or trying something different. Then do even if you’re not in Coventry, I’m sure you can travel if you’re closeby. Travel and go and visit me me just give her a call and see what she can do for you because I’m sure there’s a lot of options that are quite popular and maybe take the 9-10 hours but still can mean the people like you said walk away just feeling like they have the most gorgeous hair once you’ve finished with them.

MiMi: And then the nine to 10 hours is really if they want it long and they want it thin you know but if you want it thicker and it will take less time.

Mahnaz: Well that’s it I think first thing is just contact you to get an idea because you know it’s so it’s like it’s very much individual on what somebody wants and you know how long they’re hair is and all the rest, amazing. It’s been absolutely lovely chatting to you again MiMi and as always, I love our conversations. I wish you all the very best and congratulations once again having your shop really is an absolutely awesome way to start 2022 – and I wish you all the success in the world and I hope hundreds of people watch this video. We’ll all be shooting over to to visit you and if you’re not local then check me out because she will have online events as well which that that can be really helpful as well. So thank you so much for joining me Mimi and sharing your story. It’s been great to catch up.

About MiMi

MiMi is a Certified Health Coach and an Inner Light Coach.

She helps others make healthier choices in life so they can live a Healthy Wealthy Life full of joy and peace of mind with less stress, anxiety or depression.

MiMi Health and Beauty

528 Stoney Stanton Road, Coventry, CV6 5FS, UK

Offers to make healthier choices:

  • Organic/Nature based Health and Beauty products for your every day skincare, haircare, body care and to help you look and feel beautiful.
  • Hair Extension – braiding in different styles to make you look beautiful. Just send me a picture of what you’d like done and we can set up a date and time.
  • Meeting Space – the space is available for hire for meetings and networking events. I love giving people the opportunity to connect and make a bit of money on the side. You can hire the space for however long you like at a fixed rate and organise an Arts and Crafts class, or anything you’re good at and would like to teach others for educational and entertainment purposes.
  • Health and Beauty Workshops – helping you reduce stress, lose weight, take care of your natural hair, and so much more both in-person and online.
  • Cooking Shows – to help you prepare your meals with NO OIL, NO FATS and NO WATER so you can have nutritious chemical free food.

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